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Its time to stop throwing away those boxes,bottles and other materials,now its easy to give them a new shape.Use bits and pieces to create a product of higher value than original.


Rummage through the gallery.Browse through all the projects.New life is added to a craft item when photographed beautifully.Product photography's credits goes to Mayank kaushik


Those long journey would have been boring if u didn't had this companion with you. Books have been my childhood friends.Here's few book reviews.Hope you find it useful.

Craft Ideas

Gather paper,scissor, tapes, glue, colors whatever more you have and try out these craft ideas in your free time.Its time to give shape to your creativity.

Diary pages

Articles,adventurous journey stories,small tales from pages of my diary.Life is beautiful journey,its colors gets imprinted with time.What you live in is present and all that passed are Memories.

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How to make table lamp

Lighting is one of my favorite idea which pops up in my mind whenever I plan to decorate my house for any party. From fairy lights to night bulbs these […]

Easy diy magnetic knife strip

I have been looking over workaround to store my kitchen knives that would free up counter space and protect the knives’ sharp edges from getting nicked and dulled.Counter space is […]

Handmade gift box using duct tape roll

Using a tape roll to make cute little gift box is fun and a creative idea. You can really make something nice with this little roll.This DIY upcyle idea helps […]

diy valentine photo puzzle with popsicle

If you have been looking for an inexpensive handmade gift on this valentine then I think these Popsicle Stick Photo Puzzles are perfect! This puzzle will make your date fun filled, […]

Creative diy handmade bookmark idea

This is the perfect treat for all the book lovers out there. Here is star filled night theme bookmark which is adorable and truly a perfect present for the book […]

House of cards-book review

Title: House of Cards Author: Sudha Murty Genre: Fiction,Cultural-India Publisher: Penguin Books India pvt. ltd Release Date: 2013 Sudha Murthy is known for her subtle writing. When it comes to […]

A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout

Title: A House in the Sky Author: Amanda Lindhout Genre: Biography, non-fiction Publisher: Scribner Release Date: September 10th 2013 An amalgamation of bad fate and ones strength to survive against […]

Diy photo fridge magnets

Gifting is fun and a fun filled gifting include two things ‘handmade’ and ‘photos’. Here I’ll show you how to make photo magnets: An easy & inexpensive DIY project which […]

heart shaped card

The moment you decide to gift something to your sweetheart on valentines day, you start deciding upon heart shaped goodies. For people like me who love making handmade gifts there […]

Glowing Photo Luminary

In my free time I love to look at my old photo albums, they not only remind me of people but also of the beautiful memories of those days..Photos are […]

The seeker-Book Review

Title: The Seeker Author: Karan Bajaj Genre: Philosophy, Spirituality, Fiction Publisher: Penguin Random House India Release Date: June 11th 2015 The seeker is a man’s journey towards attainment of his […]

DIY bottle candle holder

Here is an idea to enhance your tablescape, its an recycling idea too… we all have small glass jars which accumulates with time and we don’t know what to use […]

The Bankster-book review

Title: The Bankster Author: Ravi Subramanian Genre: Fiction,thriller Publisher: Rupa Publications Release Date: October 2012 A thriller by genre…the name tells it all “The Bankster”….a gangster in the bank :-p, […]

DIY Packing tape transfer

I brought some packing tapes for gift packing, but you will be surprised to see what I made using these cheap tapes. The tapes were used to transfer images, which […]

handmade pillow covers

Cute couple pillow covers, hand painted with love. Here is something different to gift out or something that you can make to adorn your house. This pattern can be tried […]

Handmade bangle box

I had a bunch of colored corrugated papers, thought of using them this weekend. I looked at my stacked bangles and thought of arranging them. Here is how this paper […]

holder box

A beautiful holder box to adorn your table or wall. This box has been upcyled  upright from a cardboard box. Three sections inside it, gives ample storage space. Customized to […]

Photo card

Here is a lovely idea of making birthday card, its a 3D card which has pictures on it. A perfect idea to gift something new and beautiful this year on […]

Photo flip book

I always wanted to make a priceless gift for my best buddy, it was her birthday and I gifted her this cute photo flip book…filled with moments spent with her […]

Reuse cardboard box

Upcycling cardboard boxes is fun. These throw away boxes can cater your daily needs. An organizer box can keep your home tidy and clean.So its time to bring the piled […]

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Thinking up something new is creativity.Its trying new things and seeing if it works.An idea is very delicate,can be twisted easily but can be put in good shape with small effort. I began by gifting small handmade items to my friends.Then, just to try something different, I started using throw-able junk boxes at home to create decor items, wrote my experiences in my diary.I fooled around with new craft ideas,novels,write ups more and more until at last, lo and behold, I ended up creating TinyDroplets.