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I always wanted to make a priceless gift for my best buddy, it was her birthday and I gifted her this cute photo flip book…filled with moments spent with her hubby.Entirely handcrafted with love.



She loved it so much…and what I got in return?? to see her beautiful smile 🙂
Its a beautiful and easy to make idea.So just scroll down to learn it.


For making a flip book first essential is photographs,get all those pics from your closet and get them printed. In order to make a flip-book, start by selecting quotes of your choice as you can see in the image.


Make collage. I did using picasa. On each page add a photo along with a quote.Now, when you go for getting photo printouts do take printouts in landscape mode.



Cut the outer linings and make sure that all images are of the same size.Once cutting is over, its time to fold the pages midway in two equal halves.



All you got to do now is pile up all the prints one over the other. When all the pages are aligned, find the center of the flip book and staple it with a stapler.



As we did not take both sided printouts so you will find few pages of the flip book blank. Here I took few small photos, glued it and decorated the pages. I also used few glitter stickers and color pens.These blank pages can be used to write beautiful messages.



Use your creativity to decorate this book the way you want.







You can make a cover box for flip book as i did it here. 🙂

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