DIY Packing tape transfer

I brought some packing tapes for gift packing, but you will be surprised to see what I made using these cheap tapes. The tapes were used to transfer images, which can be used to decor glasses,bottles and even candles. DIY Packing Tape Transfers is a great technique for transferring onto glass.

What’s best about this method is that you can have customized prints of your choice at cheap rates.


These prints are removable and can be re-used, you can make theme based for birthday party, bachelorate party and many more.


All that you need for this project is Heavy duty tapes( regular tapes can be used but prints are not perfect), scissor, burnisher,prints and vessels.

Note: The one thing you have to remember is that you MUST use printers that are either LASER or TONER based.





Once you have gathered everything its time to get to work….Trim your images and remember one thing…whatever is white will be transparent…only colored ink remains…. Just lie your image down and center the package tape over it evenly and press.  Then cut the tape exactly the size you want.





Once you have cut the images you need to burnish it.





Make sure to press heavily over the entire space… it is very important.  I went over it a few times to be sure…from corner to corner…end to end to insure a great finished product. Don’t press too hard or else the prints might tear.
Now get yourself a bowl with  warm water. Its time to place packing tape burnished image into the bowl and allow to soak about 2-3 min. The images should be completely covered in water.
Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock….times up…..Its time to remove prints from the bowl,place it in between your thumb and index finger and begin to rub back and forth with force…you will see the paper coming off…continue to dip it into the water and keep working on it.. till all the white paper comes out. You need not worry about the sticky side…it will be just like new when it dries.  Also there might be a tiny bit of white residue on your tape…that too is not an issue…cheer up 🙂 🙂
Dry out the images on a flat surface.Once the stickers are dry it is time to apply them to your surface…it couldn’t be easier…it goes on just like a sticker…it is that easy!  Make sure to smooth it nicely. These prints retain stickiness, so can be removed from one vessel and attached to another.
This can be the perfect decor idea…its so easy that you will wonder how good you are at crafting…Different sized tapes can be used to decor vessels of different sizes. If you have stickers that you are not going to use…just place them on wax paper for another day.
Give it a try…you will love it…the more you try…more perfect you become… 🙂 🙂

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  1. Hello Alpa…a burnisher is a small wooden piece which is used for purposes like rubbing hard paper folds,or for pressing paper with glue,you can see I have used the wooden piece to rub hard on the package tape.Just search on amazon its easily available.. 🙂

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