handmade pillow covers

Cute couple pillow covers, hand painted with love. Here is something different to gift out or something that you can make to adorn your house.


This pattern can be tried on cushion covers as well.


This is a cool idea. To start making it all you need is white colored pillow covers and acrylic colors.
Soak pillow covers overnight into a water tub, this is necessary in order to remove starch from the fabric.
Next day, after the covers are dry iron it and remove all wrinkles from the fabric.
Graphics can be drawn with free hand on the fabric or can be traced using tracing paper and carbon sheet.
After that use acrylic colors on the fabric.
Once coloring is cdone, leave the covers to dry for 24hrs.

All that you need to do now is….iron the cover from backside.This fixes the color permanently.




Your cute washable pillow covers are ready.

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