The Bankster-book review

The Bankster
Ravi Subramanian
Rupa Publications
October 2012

A thriller by genre…the name tells it all “The Bankster”….a gangster in the bank :-p, but is it so..the book has a very intriguing story-line.Enfolded in conspiracy,weapon smuggling,money laundering,nuclear threats,murder this story has parallel plots.

Bankster CTC


‘The Bankster’ revolves around three different plots at same time.
The story begins in Angola where a CIA agent gets weapons from covert sources in exchange of diamonds,next chapter is set in a small village in Kerala where a man is determined to fight against government agencies for banning an upcoming nuclear project.Krishna Menon who ran his home stay resort had lost his son to nuclear plant explosion in Russia and now he fights to save life of his villagers from the horrendous nuclear plant in order to fulfill a promise made to dying son.
Third plot is set in Mumbai and scene opens in GB2 office where we are introduced to bank officials, the story takes a new turn when a key employee happens to die in mysterious way in a foreign land.
The plots though seems so unrelated culminate into a shocking revelation.
The chief investigator an ex-employee, now a journlist by profession Mr Karan Punjabi is a man who puts his life in danger and unveils the mask of the fraudsters.
The plot and narration keeps the reader interested. It appeared to me, that, after few pages or so there comes a twist in the tale. Things, at times, are left hanging nowhere after capturing the readers attention which makes one keep on guessing. Sure page turner from that viewpoint.
As the blurb in the back cover says the story is indeed one of intricate web of lies that do not reveal themseleves or make themselves clear till the very end. What appears as insignificant becomes pivotal towards the end.
To me who is not a ‘thriller’ enthusiast this fails to give goosebumps…the author introduces few techno geek short of info which fails to impress the readers..the book points out some social issues and gives reader a thoughtful insight,overall the book is a good read 🙂

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