Diy photo fridge magnets

Gifting is fun and a fun filled gifting include two things ‘handmade’ and ‘photos’. Here I’ll show you how to make photo magnets: An easy & inexpensive DIY project which you gonna love unconditionally!

My best friend’s birthday was near and I stumbled upon the idea of fridge magnets, when purchased online its bit costly but its a cheap DIY project and requires limited supply. So I thought to give it a try.


For this project you need photos, foam sheet, A4 magnet sheet, scissor, glue gun.

I printed the photos on a photo paper with a black background.
Use an Xacto and a straight edge to trim your images nice and neat.Scissors work well, too!

Once you are done cutting the images, stick it to the foam sheet. Leave some space in between so that cutting them using scissor becomes easy.
Using foam sheet as a base is an optional step. Photos can be glued to magnets directly but  foam sheet gives a good base to photos.

TIP: In the end, I found it will be good to leave a little border around each image. If you like that look, measure your foam board 1/2″ larger than your images, leaving a nice 1/4″ border on all sides.

Leave the photos aside for a while so that it dries perfectly, you can put weight over it for the same. Let them dry all the way before moving on. Make sure you have complete contact between the image and the board. If not, the edges will curl afterwards.
Cut strips of magnet sheet to your desired length. For non-adhesive magnets, use a hot glue gun or superglue to put them in place, and apply in to the back of your images.

Once it’s dry… you’re done! Pop your magnets on your Fridge, File Cabinet, or any other magnetic surfaces… or give some as fun personalized Photo Gifts!

I can’t even tell you how easy this project is….this makes such a great gift idea too!  My friend absolutely loved opening these up on her Birthday morning.


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