keep off the grass

Keep Off the grass
Karan Bajaj

Keep off the Grass is the debut novel of Karan Bajaj.Being Bajaj’s first venture into writing this book is a well crafted read.




Books give you a funny kind of solace, that you are not alone, and someone, somewhere thinks exactly like you, and articulates it better.
A direct quote from the book. These words of writer touched my heart, something which I can relate to.

This book tries to hit the lighter notes of life.Author beautifully tries to  portray  evasive feeling of contentment that all of us chase in silent, yet often delusional ways. It is a pretty humorous reflection of the trials and tribulations of the modern-day youth, but at the same time, it pushes boundaries and forces one to introspect.

The main plot revolves around the most coveted B-school campus, IIM Bangalore. Being an alumni  of same institution Karan Bajaj portrays vivid pictures without fail. Facts and situation seems real and he puts up an intriguing story-line.

Unlike Chetan Bhagat’s polite forays in the B school, Bajaj’s tale is high on risk and marijuana.This book doesn’t talk about rich legacy of IIM’s but it’s about liberation of our acts and thoughts. The protagonist Samrat Ratan’s  quest for identity lands him up in prison. Samrat experiences of meditation in Himalayas, partnering with a cannibal, meddling with fearsome Raja Bhaiya.

This story is all about self realization. How a Yale graduate working in an Investment Banking firm gives up his job and comes to study in India at the prestigious Business School IIM Banglore.This book talks about how our deeds affect our happiness and how important its to find real meaning of life.



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