The seeker-Book Review

The Seeker
Karan Bajaj
Philosophy, Spirituality, Fiction
Penguin Random House India
June 11th 2015

The seeker is a man’s journey towards attainment of his goal…finding his inner self. This book beautifully portrays a man’s tryst with the supreme power. The seekers is a perfect specimen of breaking the boundaries of ones own limitations.


Max the protagonist has been depicted as a strong willed person since childhood; it’s an escape story from a life of local gang wars to a life of elite job, from a life full of worldly pleasure to penance, from worldly attachment to union with supreme power.

“So if there is birth, age, suffering, sorrow and death, then there must be something that is un-born, un-aging, un-ailing, sorrow-less and deathless, immortals as it were.” These words keep reverberating in Max’s mind. With unsettling thoughts he starts treading new path for seeking the purpose of his life, from a world of luxury to a world of bare minimal, from an easy New York to the unforgiving Himalayas.

Karan Bajaj has beautifully penned the sufferings and sorrows of human life. As a reader one can relate oneself gripped in vicious cycle of birth and death. Attachment and desire leads to suffering and only a willful person can attain inner peace. ’The Seeker’ is a gripping story about life, mystic penance and understanding of a man’s purpose in life.

The seeker is journey of Max’s life from a wanderer to yoga practitioner… to yogi and finally a sage. A beautiful journey which shows a mirror to your soul! As a reader we are drifted with the flow, thousand questions arise within, with each passing phase of his life. Every time there is a hunch that Max will go back to his normal life but he never did. There lies a deep emptiness when the book completes, it makes you ponder, and it brings flashbacks of your own life.

This stirring story tells one of what your life may be, even in the most soulful time of one’s life one can discover this state of consciousness. Many people think seeking truth is a religious task, finding a guru, but it is the very basis of our nature. A seeker is an aware conscious being, one lying deep within oneself. This one is a fabulous read.


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