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Its time to stop throwing away those boxes,bottles and other materials,now its easy to give them a new shape.Use bits and pieces to create a product of higher value than original.


Rummage through the gallery.Browse through all the projects.New life is added to a craft item when photographed beautifully.Product photography’s credits goes to Mayank kaushik


Those long journey would have been boring if u didn’t had this companion with you. Books have been my childhood friends.Here’s few book reviews.Hope you find it useful.

Craft Ideas

Gather paper,scissor, tapes, glue, colors whatever more you have and try out these craft ideas in your free time.Its time to give shape to your creativity.

Diary pages

Articles,adventurous journey stories,small tales from pages of my diary.Life is beautiful journey,its colors gets imprinted with time.What you live in is present and all that passed are Memories.