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Here is an idea to enhance your tablescape, its an recycling idea too… we all have small glass jars which accumulates with time and we don’t know what to use it for??. I got few small coffee jars….have been thinking of making something beautiful and here is a perfect example of using them for something other than preserving food.



Taking a glass jar and making it into something nice is a great way to use something that you do not need anymore. Glass jars are great for this type of project. You can make lots of interesting candle centerpieces using them. For example, these candle holders have a lovely rustic look and they would look great on a table. You can even use them as centerpieces for candle light dinners.


For making these glass jar candle holders all you need is jars,scissor,sticker paper and acrylic color of your choice. Before starting make sure the glass jar is clean and dry.



Once you have gathered things together, its time to take the sticker paper and draw heart shape over it. Idea here is to cut out a heart out of tape or something that sticks to the jar and paint everything but that area. Then peel off the heart and you’ll get this lovely design.




These sticker papers are very handy…you can print stickers using it…here we are going to use it to give beautiful design to the bottle.Now take the cutting and sick it on the glass jar, remove the upper layer of the paper.




I have used little heart cut outs too….they will look so perfect when its done. Draw strips,dots or any design of your choice.




With beautiful sticker design all over the glass jar its time to spray the paint. I have used green color you can make any color choice.




Remember whenever you use spray acrylic colors do keep distance from the surface.Shake the spray bottle before you apply the first coat. Try to paint evenly, if your paint doesn’t look even don’t worry girl, second coat will do the magic 🙂

Do keep min. 1 hr gap between coats.




Let aside the bottle overnight to dry. Once the color coat settles perfectly its time to remove the stickers. The bottle looks perfect, just bind some colorful ribbon around the rim and put a candle inside the bottle, and you are ready to decorate your table.






This project is an easy one and can be made at your leisure hours.When the candle is lighted, the bottles glow with a flickering internal candlelight which looks amazing.

Perfect for a centerpiece decor, the candle holder can also be a dramatic piece for a romantic candlelight dinner.

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    1. As u can see..sticker papers are available in A4 size…one side of the paper is sticky…you can attach it to any surface…its similar to nameplates which we used to stick to our notebooks…its available in stationary shops..

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