Anniversary calendar with marriage date

Its March and this beautiful month marks the beginning of Spring….It was during this month during ides of march under the wide and starry sky, I took vows and tied knots with my loving husband…ours was an arranged marriage and it took us sometime to get to know each other. Its March again and an year has passed,still it feels as if its all just yesterday’s tell-tale…

As my marriage anniversary is approaching I was planning something special, something which could light up the day in the same way as it was an year back.Drawn in deep thoughts I tried hard to come up with an idea that’s not only love-some but also exquisite, finally this morning I planned a marriage date calendar that would not only adorn my dinner table but would bring sweet memories of the marriage day.

And here is the lovely idea that I came up with.

This calendar depicts love and happiness…..marked with a small heart is my marriage day…




Life is made up of bits and bytes…to turn it into a big celebration all that is needed is a small effort to live life to fullest and desire to make moments to be remembered forever.


This calendar is a beautiful piece of gift can be easily made and is a perfect eye-turner. Just gather a hardboard sheet,xo blade,craft paper,ruller and glue.

Take the hardboard sheet and cut it to size which you find suitable for your calendar. I have cut 40*15 cm sheet.




Once the sheet was perfectly cut, fold the sheet from middle.




Take the craft paper. I have used darker and lighter shades of pink. You can make your color choice while making the calendar. Using scissor cut equal sized hearts. Try to cut small hearts.




Make small bunch of different colored hearts. Now all you need to do is use a black marker and add your marriage anniversary months calendar at the bottom of the sheet.

Once dates have been written, its time to arrange the smaller hearts in heart shape. Try to maintain color order so that the heart would look splendid.




Its your day….and its time to color your marriage day with all the radiant colors that life can offer. Cheers!!!


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