Holder box

Easily crafted using a mobile phone box,cut and glued minion which looks perfect on a black background.


One of my favorite among other craft ideas is up cycling cardboard boxes. Here is yet another idea where I have used a mobile phone box and created a holder box with it.


Take any rectangular box.As its a cardboard box all you need to do is take craft papers of your choice and glue it all over the box.Here I have used simple black color paper,it gives it a clean and authentic look.

While making the holder I wanted to keep it simple. I took few printouts of smileys and cut it into perfect shape.

Glued the cut outs on opposite of the box.Yellow color emoticons look beautiful when glued to the black outer cover.

Now its time to take printout of minion and stick it to the front portion of the box.

In order to decorate the box all you need to do is write a beautiful message which would energize you whenever you happen to take a glance at the holder box 🙂 🙂

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