cute photo album gift

I just wanted to gift something different on this valentine, all I could think of a cute photo album, handcrafted with love.


An idea which can be easily put to work, all you need to do is collect some beautiful pictures from past memories and bundle them up into lovable album.


Collect few snaps, as you can see I took photos, created a collage using picasa and took printouts using the laserjet printer at my home.


As I wanted to create a small horizontal album with some messages, I chose this format, you can create collages in any format of your choice.


Cut the single photos in horizontal direction.


Once you are done with paper cut-out, all u need to do is arrange them together.



Jot down beautiful words and your past experiences.


Now once all the pages have been arranged, its time to make the cover. I have used corrugated paper(red), punched hole and tied all the pages together with barn thread.


Glued this lil elephant…

12052500_516703838506561_7866269950462346225_o 12027324_516703791839899_2731593422544242699_o 11056085_516703905173221_8562382861281009584_o 11950361_516703881839890_2091896393901057686_o 12000798_516703925173219_6354771338211127829_o 12027180_516703918506553_3101559559179086339_o

You are ready to package it in a beautiful envelope, and wait for happiness to unravel…good luck!!!

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