Egg shell surprise gift

A beautifull way of conveying message to your loved ones.Its also a perfect idea to show new baby is born.


Egg shell art is well known.I tried making a surprise gift using an egg shell.This gift idea is best one for all those who want to express their love in a beautiful way. Beautifully adorned egg shell can be priceless gift this valentine. All u need is some acrylic color and a fully cleaned egg.


Try it out:

Take an egg.Drill a small hole one side with help of any sharp instrument.To clean the egg completely drill a small hole on the other edge too..This helps to remove egg yolk completely as its viscous.Once everything is removed, clean the egg with running water.Keep it aside to dry.


Use beautiful acrylic colors to paint it.The hole which has been drilled should be smaller.


color the egg shell with design of your choice.I here wrote short words which gives it a beautiful look.Insert a message note through the hole.


Keep the message note small, as it should fit inside.


The beautiful gift is complete.Take a small gift box of your choice.Place the egg shell inside the box and wrap it up.And you are done.


When the gift gets opened,all your love protrudes out flawlessly.



Waiting to listen the perfect reaction you got when the gift was opened. 🙂 🙂

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